Who We Are

CDS - Child Development Services of Murfreesboro was founded by Amanda Joseph and Owen DiNicolangelo. Amanda and Owen have combined 20 years of experience in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. As their experience with helping children and adults become successful grew within the community, they saw the opportunity to share their expertise with families and businesses in Murfreesboro. Amanda and Owen founded CDS to advance the culture of Murfreesboro for the Special Education community by providing valuable educational services to families and their communities.

Amanda Joseph

Amanda is originally from South Florida. She moved to Tennessee to finish her undergrad in Special Education Comprehensive at MTSU. During Amanda’s first year teaching (Integrated Pre-K) she began her graduate program in Behavior Analysis. Amanda has two undergraduate degrees, one in Early Childhood and Special Education Comprehensive. Amanda also has her Master’s in Behavior Analysis. Amanda taught Integrated Pre-K in Murfreesboro for 3 years before starting CDS of Murfreesboro.

Owen Davis

Owen is an army brat who moved all over, until her father retired when she was 16 and her family moved to Murfreesboro. Owen got her B.S. in Child Development and Family Studies from MTSU and continued her work in the field of early childhood. Owen began teaching Special Education in 2006 and returned to MTSU to get her certification and teaching license in Special Education. She has been teaching in self contained special education classroom since then. Owen returned to school and graduated with her Masters in Foundations of Behavior Analysis from the University of Cincinnati and is a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA).