Community Trainings

Community Trainings

CDS of Murfreesboro offers multiple types of community training sessions. Trainings include an overview of common disabilities, ways to recognize families that need support, ways to help and ways to avoid hindering, goal writing customized to your needs with follow up visits to address concerns and answer questions. All trainings can be customized to the specific needs of your business or organization.

The community and business leaders who complete this training will be equipped to support the customers and employees living with a child with special needs. The business will receive a window decal and certification showcasing their commitment to a more dynamic and inclusive workforce, and their dedication to every member of their community.

Why should my business care?

The business community in Rutherford County has a long, proud tradition of rising to the needs of their customers and neighbors. Over the last few decades, we’ve learned more and more about the challenges faced by families supporting special needs children.

These families are the ones stepping into your stores, patronizing your services, and even joining your professional team. With the help of Child Development Services of Murfreesboro, your management and staff can be equipped with the knowledge and support necessary to make sure that every person who crosses paths with your business feels welcome, acknowledged, and supported.

The Founders

Amanda and Owen opened CDS of Murfreesboro to offer families with children who have disabilities another option for their child’s education and therapy needs. Their passion for community awareness and acceptance formed the community training branch of CDS.


Child Development Services of Murfreesboro believes children thrive in a safe, loving, and developmentally appropriate environment. The mission of CDS is to create places within the community for families with children with special needs to feel welcome and safe.

Most Requested Trainings

Our most requested trainings within the community have been from restaurants, retail stores, banks, fitness centers, manager/coporate trainings, medical offices, and community centers.


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