CDS of Murfreesboro

As a parent, you’re surrounded by those who believe they know best about how to raise your children. Society paints a picture of what development and education should look like, but for those raising a child not developing typically, the challenges faced by you and your family can seem insurmountable. Child Development Services of Murfreesboro can partner with you to help your child realize their potential, and help them learn and grow into the person they want to be.

At CDS, we craft a roadmap for each and every student we teach. We develop a comprehensive picture of where your child is before they join us, and find a way to meet them where they are. Your child will join a developmentally appropriate environment, staffed with highly experienced educators, where they can learn and grow alongside other children, both typically developing and with special needs. Our quality in-house therapies can help our students and their families work together, both to see the potential of where they can be, and to craft a plan to help support them on their journey.

The proper support, guidance, and education can have a powerful impact on your child’s future. With our remarkable staff and facility, your child will thrive in a safe, loving, and developmentally appropriate environment, and will start their journey to realize their best self.

Early Learning Classroom

CDS Early Learning classroom focuses on play-based learning and independence.

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Core Learning Classroom

CDS Core Learning classroom focuses on core academics and independence.

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Life Skills Classroom


CDS Life Skills classroom focuses on daily living skills and functional academics.


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CDS offers multiple forms of training. Everything from monthly staff training, parent training, families training, and community training. 

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Social Skills Group

CDS offers social skills groups for children with and without special needs.

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ABA Therapy

CDS offers in-building and in-home ABA therapy.

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