Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Classroom

Virtual Learning is a safe, socially distant space for your child to complete their daily learning. A staff member is available for any technical issues that arise and to help keep all the children on task. Virtual Learning is for ages 5-17.

How It Works

Your child is enrolled in a virtual learning program. This program can be distance learning through your school district or an online program. Your child attends CDS in Virtual Learning to complete his or her school work.

Mission Statement

We believe that children thrive in a safe, loving and developmentally appropriate environment. Our goal is to provide a developmentally appropriate environment where typically developing children can learn and grow alongside children with special needs. We strive to offer high quality, in house, therapies to the children and families enrolled in CDS.

We Believe

  • Play is extremely vital to health, physical, cognitive, social development, and growth in children. Children develop knowledge of their world through active interactions with caregivers, peers, materials, and events. Learning proceeds at different rates in each child and within each area. All learning and progress should be recognized and celebrated.


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